Gosia Anna Sereda has the gift to "read" the energy of people & their environment (family, relationships, work). In her "Soulreadings" she guides people into their subconcious inner world and gives people response about their present situation. Depending on your questions, blocks/habitualities from your childhood, ancestors or past life can be tracked and you receive impulses to reprogram them on a very deep level, as well as individual healing impulses and the next growing steps for self-help in the the everyday life. During the medial & sensitive guidance you can also gain deep insights about your soul-potentials.



Since 2008 Gosias motivation is to support people into their higher consciuosness & self-empowerment of their unique creation and to give support to overcome old obstructive "programs", which keep the energy & creation on a low and unconscious level. For her it´s always a bliss to see the beauty & the pure nature of a soul. Every human is a creator with a free will, therefore it will be also avoid to give "pictures" of the future. Cause it´s always a tendency of the changeable Now.


In her personal life she is transforming, exploring, learning & growing daily, her greatest master is her son.




facebook/skype: Gosia Anna Sereda


mobil: +49 162 7371396


A soulreading is via mobile phone or skype available.