Gosia Anna Sereda "reads" the energies of people, like their subconscious inner world, emotions & mental believesystems as well as their environment like relationships, family, workspace... She perceives the talents, potentials and soul-structre to support you in creating a lively and senseful life. 


During the medial & sensitive session you gain insights about your current situation, the main growing steps right now and the present needs of your unique soul energy. As well as activated "shadows" which wanted to be liberated with tools for self-empowerment.


You decide which aspects of your life you want to illuminate closer like your job, relationsships, family, health, whatever moves you right now.


Since 2008 Gosias motivation is to accompany people to live their potentials fully, to provide ways of self-empowerment and to support them to overcome destructive patterns in single soulreadings or group-readings. 

Her healing-work began with massages in 2007, where she started to "see" more than only the the past from her clients or diseases. Since that for her it has been always a bliss to see the beauty of a soul and help the people to live their pure nature. 

In her personal life she is transforming, exploring, learning & growing daily with & through her family, friends and all beeings. 

Her intuition is a big helper, but her biggest resource is always the connection to the divine source.


Soulreadings are possible via skype / phone ( in europe )  or personal where I am right now (festivals/workshops)



skype-name: Gosia Anna Sereda

WhatsApp: +49 162 7371396




15 min - 25 Euro

The payment will be made within the next few days or in installments after the session ( or personal )

Duration depending on questions and needs usually between 30 - 90 min.


I am looking forward to meet you, cause every single person extend my heart and my horizon ūüôŹ



"""All you need is love """