In this journey the focus lays on inner growth, insights & realization.
As spiritual beings we are always growing. The question is, when do you want to grow into your pure essence, which is always love - in the end. It´s not about competition. It´s about love and your inner timetable. Depending on your consciousness you can find for yourself the significance in self-love and unconditionally love or your soul-potentials, the feeling of coming home or peace & freedom. Whatever is right for you now. Whatever you´re open to. It´s always very indivdual.
As we live in this special time a part of the journey is to heal/balance female and masculine energies within us. However it unfolds intuitively through us, you can dissolve obstructive patterns/contracts/promises ... or reintegrate separated parts of your soul. You never know before ;-)
With your regrown realization, wisdom and responsibility, your journey of blossoming of the heart will continue. 
The golden Key is always the connection to our heart - the gateway to the divine source and our soul.
Your journey will be supported by high-sensitive medium Gosia Anna Sereda. Her main concern is to provide tools for self-empowerment, because every awakened heart leads to our ascent. This is her contribution and her intention/wish.
The incomparable powerful sounds & vocals of Mitsch Kohn support & intense the inner process of heart opening as well as nourishing your lovely being.
In love and gratitude
Gosia + Mitsch

About Mitsch:
The soundmystic Mitsch Kohn creates his music intuitively in
the moment he is playing. His very unique piano-based
soundhealing-journeys guide into states of deep connection and
can be realized as a journey into a higher consciousness.
New perspectives might occur and the pacified heart will bath in silence.
There, in a state of no mind, people face their inner truth and find back
 to the essence of their soul and experience a deep feeling of being home. 



Next Workshop dates:


15.03. - 21.03.2019 Sound & Silence Festival auf Costa Rica


31.05. - 01.06.2019 Suntribe Natural Dance Festival  Belgium


20.06-23.06.2019 Everness Festival Hungary, Workshop Divine Connection for women on 4 days


11.07-13.07.2019 Jade Festival Hungary